Positive Case Air Pressure

Everyone seems to understand that the heat needs to be removed from you case, and this concept is not unusual. However not everyone understands that there are in fact two ways to achieve this.

  1. Create negative air pressure in the case and suck the cool air in.
  2. Create positive air pressure in the case and blow the hot air out.

Sucking the cool air in is the most common method… and it has lead to many gaming PC being so clogged with dust that the cooling systems become completely ineffective… and the whole system just cooks itself dead.

Blowing fresh cool air into your case is the least common, not as efficient,  but it is the most maintenance free version of case cooling. In my opinion it is better than the “sucking” method  because even the laziest gamer won’t kill their prize gaming system because of dust.

How do you configure a case with positive air pressure?

The premise is simple, configure all your fans to blow air into your case from the front, top, and side leaving only a slow RPM  fan at the back or none at all.

This video from silverstone details it perfectly:

It is important to understand that a cooling your case with positive air pressure is only 90% as efficient as cooling you case the “normal” way. However the MASSIVE advantage is when your case is still clean after 6months… and still cooling at 80% with a small amount of dust when another case cooled the normal way will have inhaled a larger amount of dust an only be 40% -50% efficient.