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2013 is a massive year for AMD and PC gaming. After winning both the contracts for the New Xbox One and the Playstation 4, it means game developers will finally have a unified platform for all 3 major gaming platforms. AMD has definitely pulled a rabbit out of the hat for us all.

AMD’s efforts to unify core gaming architecture is a major win. However the efforts made by STEAM to provide a thriving independent / indie gaming community definitely completes the picture. STEAM has also re-defined its interface to display favourably on the “Big Screen”. Meaning PCs and gaming computers are becoming more console like, and consoles are becoming more like gaming computers.

So what is PCG4M3R doing this year?

This year PCG4M3R is jumping on board the lounge room PC bandwagon. Our 2013 range of gaming PCs introduce tiny ITX indie gaming PCs for the lounge room, complete with wireless gaming keyboards and game pads.

Of course, we continue to build custom high end gaming PCs… it’s just the challendge of building tiny affordable PCs that win us over every time. “aww look at da tiny computer…”

What is a lounge room gaming PC?

Our take is that lounge room gaming is not about fast pased 1080p shooters. Rather lounge room gaming is about hack’n slash, co-op, platformers and adventure RPGs.

Lets face it… if you are into shooters then get off the game-pad and get onto the mouse with a high-end box. The same goes for RTS cames… they never work on a console, let alone a console like PC.

Lounge room gaming us about fun 720p co-op gaming with your mates, or kicking back to a 3-4hr adventure RPG gaming session. But don’t forget that there are obvious benefits when you have a PC hooked up to the TV as well… YouTube, streaming movies, downloading TV shows on subscription *cough… Don’t pay for FoxTel get extra bandwidth instead.

How much do lounge room PC’s cost?

We are amazed by our boutique PC building brothers and sisters, churning out tiny Intel based lounge room PCs for upwards of $1200!!! For that price you may as well buy a dedicated desktop.

Our mini lounge room PCs will cost no more that $800 and aim to be a genuine alternative to the next gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

Anything else?

So that’s it form us.. check out our new range of mini lounge room gaming PCs, and our ultra high end monsters.

Optus Cable Steam Connection Issues

There  is an issue with the way the steam client is choosing connections to the nearest steam server with Optus cable. I’m not sure what it is about the Optus service however, the issue is to do with the way the Steam Client chooses from available Steam server connections. Whatever the issues is I have…

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